I am Tessa - the face and creator behind R + T Photography. I am just a girl who loves hard, enjoys traveling, and is completely fascinated with learning about, well, everything. I am a very proud Mama to my sweet boy. I have dreamed about the day I'd become a Mom and now that I am, it is the grandest journey I've been blessed to be on. 

I live for the little moments. The rolling on the floor laughing so hard my belly aches kind of moment or dancing in the kitchen to 90s classics or the snuggles after a long day. I live for them all. I am a relationship kind of person. 9/10 times I become friends with my clients. I'm the kind of girl that I don't even have to know you, I will be there to listen to you on your worst and best days. I am the friend you ask to go for a drive to nowhere with, and I'll be there rambling about history, photography and mom life. I'll be your loudest cheerleader for your achievements. I think that's one of my favorite things about my business. I get to be there to capture the little and big moments. I live to tell YOUR story through my work. Who knew picking up a camera would turn a hobby into my creative outlet, passion, and career! 

There is nothing that makes me happier (besides my son) than receiving messages like these from my clients! I love when I can meet my clients and walk away from our session as friends!