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I live for the little moments. The rolling on the floor laughing so hard my belly aches kind of moment or dancing in the kitchen to 90s classics or the snuggles after a long day. I live for them all. I am a relationship kind of person. 9/10 times I become friends with my clients. I'm the kind of girl that I don't even have to know you, I will be there to listen to you on your worst and best days. I am the friend you ask to go for a drive to nowhere with, and I'll be there rambling about history, photography and mom life. I'll be your loudest cheerleader for your achievements. I think that's one of my favorite things about my business. I get to be there to capture the little and big moments. I live to tell YOUR story through my work. Who knew picking up a camera would turn a hobby into my creative outlet, passion, and career! 


I'm Tessa 

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A peek into my everyday life

I'm Tessa, a Mama, photographer, & entrepreneur

You can basically call me a professional daydreamer. A little over two years ago, I left my corporate life and launched my business with just my camera and lots of vision. I'm born and raised here in Yuma, Colorado - but a little part of me is on the east coast. As an empath by nature, I feel deeply and see the world through rose colored glasses. You can find me playing with my son, my best friend, and dreaming up ways to elevate lives of those around me. There's nothing I love more than making genuine connections. As a hopeless romantic at heart, I believe that love is the most beautiful thing in the world - and documenting it on the daily is such an honor. 

Let's explore somewhere beautiful. Take me along to document your story. I'm happy to travel anywhere with you. Love has no boundaries. 

Destination Bucketlist

Canon Beach
Maroon Bells

Bonneville Salt Flats


Lake Como

I'm inspired by:

love / connection / old film photos / the east coast / golden hour / wildflowers / windblown hair / details / flowy dresses

We all have a story. . here's mine

It all started when I was eight

I've been obsessed with love stories for as long as I can remember. I believed in The Notebook and was secretly waiting for my very own Noah Calhoun. I used to sit in my room for hours putting together vision boards, editing photos, and putting together slideshows - not yet realizing how far my little hobby would take me. After several purple ribbons and "best of show" awards in state fairs, I picked up my first DSLR camera after graduating school with the intention of FINALLY pursuing my dream. For years, I wanted to be the person to document those "movie" feelings and bring them to life. Now I photograph engagement + adventure sessions and weddings. Instead of dreaming up Notebook romance, I get to capture YOUR love story + create memories together. For me, it's not about the perfectly posed and placed images, it's about the story you will tell for years to come. 

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