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I'm so glad you found me! Let's get right down to it. I am a hopeless romantic. Not just in love, but in life in all aspects! I strive to see the good in everything and everyone. I always do my own little ritual before I go to a session. I ask myself why I do what I do and I always find myself overwhelmed with an outpour of love for my career. You stumbled here because you're in need of a photographer but I am here to capture so much more than your just your family photos. If you need someone to capture and tell your story with love, we're a match!

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I am Tessa - the face and creator behind R + T Photography. I am just a girl who loves hard, eats way too much chocolate, and is completely fascinated with learning about, well, everything. I am a proud Mama to my sweet boy and enjoy going on runs with my fur baby, Sophie Grace.

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"I have never been more excited to see pictures that we've taken! You are absolutely wonderful and made us feel so comfortable and like you genuinely want to be there! So thank you thank you thank you!"